sweater weather

by we made better kids

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some songs I made over the last while, mostly recorded on a rock band mic


released October 23, 2013




we made better kids Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: houses for acorns
do you remember our yard when the grass never grew
crushed under the weight of our light up shoes
when every tree was a mansion
that could break those harsh summer rays
and days were filled with inspiration

now theres a garden
where my dead tree used to be
but the flowers don't grow
the flowers won't grow
cause we made better kids

and grass covers the familiar dirt by the patio
cause we're not there
Track Name: concentration
Lots of "bum"s
A few "ah"s
Track Name: the lake game
behind your garage we buried our fingerprints pressed in stone
a fossil project that we'd made in school
and I'm sorry we don't talk anymore
but I guess that's just getting older

turning twelve brought new friendships
but different grades only served to distance us

we built a city in your basement
laid on bricks of our own creation
but it crumbled in our finger tips
I wonder if the fossils show it

now all we say is "hey, how have you been?"
but once you were my best friend
Track Name: sweater weather
we used to talk so often
but you were always the one asking all the questions
I wasn't a great friend
I'm not surprised that you stopped asking

I hope you are genuinely happy
cause I'm sure you wouldn't tell me if you weren't
Track Name: sons
grey skies and glazed eyes and well kept lies
at the bottom of a staircase
where your voice starts trembling
black skies and red eyes and exposed lies
I'm sorry I'm not who you raised me to be
Track Name: not quite summer
where have you gone my little green comb?
lost forever on the shores
where we toast wine glasses
to sunburst skies
and castles doomed to collapse in the sea
and the clouds danced for me