It will rain.

by we made better kids

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Written and recorded mostly in 2014 at The Extreme Carwash. Mastered by Christian T. Narc.


released April 10, 2015




we made better kids Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Lush
But the rhythms of the past
Keep creeping in
They crawl up my spine
And take the comfort from my own skin
Looking around for someone
To chase the beat with
I'm feeling for confidence
Every once in a while
You just need to give it a push
And it will keep moving
Track Name: Jacob
In a moonlit cornfield
We tipped our glasses to intoxication
You poured the gasoline on and lit a match
But the blast burnt your calf hairs off

In a moonlit soccer field
We poured our beers out for you
Swapping stories of your life
And your smile
Track Name: Dry Hands
I reached out with hands just coarse and red as my fathers after a brutal winter. And this was what was put in them, so I'm throwing it back at you with every bit of blood and shit that you've covered it in.
Track Name: Earth
I am
From and of the earth
She moves with my footsteps
And I hear her breath in the wind

And it was
This series of inexplicable coincidences
That made me stop believing in coincidences

Like a mother
She gives me all that I need
And like a son
I take from her

The breath of life in the wind
The feeling of the sun on my skin
And the soulful melodies of birds chirping
They keep me going

It keeps me going when
I wake up to the cold grey light of my window
Still I long for something simpler
Track Name: Sad City for Sad Boys
Is where my friends all learned to die
Hardly uttered in the smoke filled rooms
Where apathy was all we had any clue
How to express
Past out emotional crutches
You've taken too much already

I used to dream when I slept
Of blue and orange sunsets
I used to dream

And "This is what it's like up here"
He said
With either hand on either side of his head
Shaking with the dissonance
And a wave of static frequencies
To wash over the bad moods
Or at least keep them at bay
While the current carried him away
Track Name: For Comforts Sake
The sun sets a little later these days
Time to emerge from the dark age
So we can stretch our legs a bit further
And we can be a bit warmer
Living, feeling, trying to breath
Or just stretch out a bit
For comforts sake
Track Name: It is
I opened my eyes
To a bright cloudy light

Slowing focusing
To form shapes and colors

And a loud thumping
With a feeling of loneliness

I saw
So i looked to see a tiny shape
In front of me

And so
I called out to it

And in doing so
I gradually discovered

That I could hear it
Calling back to me

And I felt the space between us
With a feeling of loneliness

And so
I grew limbs

And so I crawled
Until I learned to stand

And then I walked
For what seemed like an eternity

I watched
As the shape grew larger

In time
It grew to the same size as me
And we embraced